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Bringing new Dimensions to X-ray

The Discovery™ XR650 X-ray system lets you see patients in new ways. 
At the heart of the Discovery XR650 are advanced applications that help you maximize clinical confidence and unlock the power of digital radiography. 
Multiple configurations for additional flexibility. And an excellent service support network  always at your side.

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a year ago
Wall Stand Detector Chiller has no power
We had a huge power outage at one of our clinics and this room came back up but the Wall Stand detector would not work...noticed no power on the chiller...made sure the switch was on and still no power...checked AC coming into the chiller and it was dead...I have no training nor do I have documentation on this room...besides the Halo Relay board...which is what I think it is...what else could be causing the chiller to have no power?Reply


-Cali BMET
4 years ago
Preventive Maintanance
In regard to the Preventive Maintenance, how many technicians are required to accurately service the XR650? Can one technician complete the process or would the process move faster with multiple?Reply


5 years ago



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Discovery XR650
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Bringing new Dimensions to X-ray...


  • Exceptional image quality-  To help make an accurate diagnosis, you need high quality images. GE’s flat panel digital detector delivers high image quality with efficient dose. The detector is configured to accommodate advanced clinical applications for enhanced image accuracy and flexibility. It all adds up to images as close to picture perfect as possible – and increased diagnostic information from every exposure.

  • Remarkable flexibility & clinical excellence-  Wheelchair patients? Physical limitations? Elderly? Trauma patients? The Discovery XR650 lets you image them efficiently and comfortably. Configure your table with a removable detector for the ultimate positioning freedom.

    Perform your most challenging studies with ease, in less time.

  • User comfort & higher productivity- The Discovery XR650’s many features streamline your toughest exams. Auto-positioning, handheld infrared remote control, auto-protocol assist and Overhead Tube Suspension touchscreen display allow you to spend more time with your patients.

    The Discovery XR650’s contributes to improve your comfort and productivity.

  • Configurations: tailored to suit your needs- To best meet your specific needs, the Discovery XR650 is available in a broad range of configurations.

  • Volume RAD™- VolumeRAD unites the advantages of an X-ray procedure with the benefit of a multi-slice presentation. Create up to 60 ultra low dose exposures acquired during a single sweep of the overhead tube assembly. This set of data is then reconstructed to generate a set of coronal slices. You get the clinical views you need while keeping the patient comfortable. Sweeps are performed either at the wall stand or the table.

  • Auto Image Paste- Get seamless long-bone or spine images in one fast, highly automated exam. You can perform these exams at the wall stand or – for patients with special needs – at the table. Your Discovery XR650 system can acquire up to five images on the wall stand and up to three images at the table. Then, the system can combine them into one composite image for easy diagnosis.

  • Dual Energy- From a single exam, view your anatomy differently. Acquire two images within milliseconds at different energy levels.

  • Tissue Equalization- The wide dynamic range of the GE flat-panel detector, combined with GE’s advanced algorithms, lets you display both low- and high-density tissue in a single view, with a single exposure. The resulting image provides excellent contrast and quality, even in dense, hard-to-visualize regions, with no compromise in the primary regions of interest. You get a high level of diagnostic information without window/leveling.

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