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A pleasant atmosphere, comfort, and short examination times are becoming increasingly more important in the radiology department. This is where our MULTIX systems really shine.



6 months ago
Multix Collimator detent indicator issue
I have a Multix Top with a transverse detent " Amber Indicator" that does not come one when in position. I have talked with Siemens, went through the software calibrations. I have compared these calibrations with another room and these are the same. This indicator would be illiuminated when using the chest stand, This indicates proper alignment. The longitudal indicator works as it should. During power on the indicators are lit so no issues with the LED. The hard copy of the service manual has a lot of voids to try to trace what is suppose to happen and when. Thanks in advance for advice. TimReply


9 months ago
x ray tube noisy
Our anode tube make noise in vertical position. If we change to the wall position the roar desappears.Any hints?Reply


a year ago
Multix TOP soft start circuit
Looking at a Multix Top table 00475509 (Early model with 2 transformers). No voltage to soft start circuit (Timer relay & K1) No idea where its fed from as circuit delivered with table G050G rev D is for single transformer model. Maybe also refered to as Multix N. Any help appreciated. ...Lister Reply
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  1. Ceiling-mounted solution for optimum table access, and adjustable table height 
  2. Number one choice for fast and simple routine exposures of standing, sitting or recumbent patients 
  3. Outstanding image quality with minimal dose 
  4. Simple, ergonomic, accurate patient-oriented operation  

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