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The Alaris Medsystem III has previously been known as both the IMED Medsystem III and the Siemens Medsystem III.

The MedSystem III multi-channel infusion system brings clinical versatility to drug infusion technology. The instrument combines three independent infusion channels with features like dose rate calculation and portability in a small, compact size.                            The MedSystem III infusion pump provides advantages for clinical engineering, including field maintenance software which enables your Biomedical department to streamline routing preventative maintenance and calibration processes.

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4 years ago
Service Status
Channel B says Service advices that technical service is required. This device was just PMd but had a cassette error that prompted service and locked down the channel. Does anyone know how to reset the channel without sending device out? Reply


7 years ago
calibration not recording
Got to the fluid side calibration and it will go all the way through but then it says failed and not recorded. Any ideas?Reply


-Steve Kopcial
7 years ago
Medsystem III pumps, where are we going??

Hello group,

I lost touch with the Ivac /Alaris Medsystem III Iv pump  future, I was told Smith Kline purchased the pump.  I see nothing new on the Medsystem III ,  and the past several years,  repairs have been performed using used parts which are not cheap.

Is it time to bail??   Several of my hospitals/EMS have switched to the Baxter Sigma Spectrum. 


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[list]              [*] A small, compact size and lightweight design              [*] Reduced bedside clutter              [*] Accuracy; it delivers intravenous, intra-arterial, epidural and subcutaneous applications              [*] Flexibility; it can deliver a wide range of fluids from various containers, including syringes, utilizing a syringe adapter set              [*] Versatility; it can travel with patients in the field throughout their hospital stay, meeting a wide range of infusion needs; unique clamping system allows pump attachment virtually anywhere              [*] Set-based free-flow protection; SmartSite® needle-free valve ports and standard injection ports are available              [*] Dose rate calculation, single-page programming, a selectable drug library and titration of drugs by the user in either dose or volumetric rate                            [/list]


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