GE Healthcare - Proteus
by GE Healthcare

The most sought after used radiographic system.

The GE Proteus is a simple yet reliable radiographic system with overhead tube, elevating table, and bucky wallstand. This system includes phototiming, auto-collimation, and programmable APR's. Techniques and image receptors are selectable at the tube head.

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19 days ago
Looking for a part number for the 90 degree L Tube
There is a 90 degree L tube that houses OTS cables. The tube broke and is no longer holding the cables up. It is on the back right corner of the OTS carriage.Reply


a month ago
GE Collimator - filter tray
Is there a tray that slides on the underside of the collimator that will hold different thicknesses of filters? If there is, does anyone know the part number?Reply


-JCB Facility Mgmt
10 months ago
Switch for Collimator

GE Proteus - The light will not turn on because the switch is bad. When we hit the button it is only intermittently working. Can we just replace the switch or do we have to replace the collimator? If just the switch, do you have know a part number?



  • Jedi high-frequency generator with programmable APR's, touch screen LCD console, and self-calibrating reliability. 
  • Elevating table with 4-way floating tabletop. Includes variable SID, auto-collimation, photo-timing, oscillating grid, and foot pedal controls. 
  • Overhead tube crane with automatic SID detenting, auto-collimator, technique selection, image receptor selection, and variable vertical SID. 
  • Bucky wall stand includes photo-timing and cassette sizing for auto-collimation.

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