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Designed for general radiography and specialized examinations

The GE Compax 40E table maximizes room efficiency with minimum space requirements. The variable height feature makes Compax 40E indispensable in the following environments: trauma, orthopedics, geriatrics and pediatrics.

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3 years ago
COMPAX Table Service Manual (2150299-100)
Does anyone have this service manual? Im trying to figure out how to get the table top off....Reply


-Tim @ RFI
8 years ago
Patient Weight Operating Rating / Limits

Looking for information on patient weight operating ratings or limits





-C. D.
9 years ago
Ultranet SA Collimator

Does anyone have the manual with parts list for the Ultranet SA Collimator that wouldn't mind sharing?





[list]    [*] Fast patient positioning - The minimum height of the tabletop allows fast, simple positioning of all patients, including both children and elderly patients.  [*] Enhanced ease of use - Releasing the four-way float tabletop movements is achieved by pressing on the footpedal located at the base of the table. Extended longitudinal travel of both the tabletop and the cassette tray ensures maximum patient coverage. A comfortable, sensitive handle allows longitudinal travel of the cassette tray and enhances the outstanding ergonomics of the Compax 40E table.  [*] Even better image quality - The low absorption coefficient of the carbon fiber tabletop contributes to excellent image quality. A clearly visible digital display permanently indicates source-to-image distance and enables optimization of image acquisition conditions.  [*] Best use of space - When combined with a ceiling suspension, the Compax 40E requires minimum floor space and offers total patient access. If used with a floor-mounted tube stand, installation of the Compax 40E is simple and does not require any modification to existing ceiling structures.  [/list]

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