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MEDRAD introduces the 9500 Vital Signs Patient Monitor, one of the only monitoring device in the MRI marketplace that uses fiber optics in both its electrocardiographic systems and pulse oximetry sensors to eliminate the risk of patient injury due to RF burn. Designed specifically for the MR environment, the 9500 uses a unique module that converts the patient's ECG from electronic to fiberoptic signal form for reliable, efficient gating.

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8 years ago

I need a service manual for a Medrad 9500.

Phone 513-504-5161


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  • Fiber optic technology ensures the highest quality ECG and SpO2 signal by eliminating the possibility of gradient interference 
  • Fiber optic cable for ECG as well as Pulse Oximetry eliminates the major cause of burn injury 
  • Portable, able to move with the patient inside and outside the scanner area, ensuring continuous monitoring anywhere in the hospital or clinic 
  • Modular design, allows you to upgrade your monitoring capabilities as your patient base increases and your procedures become more sophisticated


Height8.5 in
Length 13.4 in
Weight38 lbs
Width18.6 in
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