Action Products Inc. - Patient Positioner
by Action Products Inc.

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Eliminate use of sandbags with this extremely versatile positioner - good for any procedure. Beneficial for tracheotomy, thyroidectomy, tonsil and adenoid cases, cataract or other ophthalmic procedures. Purchasing all three sizes will improve any team's versatility.

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[list]  [*] Versatile positioners eliminate use of old-fashioned sandbags.  [*] Polymer positioners are a good solution to out-dated rolled  towel, IV bags and sandbags.  [/list]

Additional Specifications

SMALL: 10" x 4 1/2" x 2" (25.4 x 11.4 x 5 cm)  LARGE: 14" x 4 1/2" x 2" (35.5 x 11.4 x 5 cm)  EXTRA-LONG: 18" x 4" x 2" (46 x 10 x 5 cm)

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