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The Datascope ACCUTORR 3 SAT uses the oscillometric technique to rapidly and accurately measure non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP); heart rate and the ACCUTORR 3 SAT and Accutorr 4 SAT models monitor oxygen saturation (SaO2) as well.    The monitor features large front panel digital readouts; manually initiated or automatic NIBP measurement cycles; and an integral liquid crystal display (LCD) for the presentation of trended data, advisor messages, alarm conditions, elapsed time, a 24-hour clock, and when available a SaO2 waveform.

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10 years ago
Unit Will Not Hold Parameters

After the parameter ranges are set and the unit is powered off all the parameter setting are wiped clean..Unit is not holding the settings. Which board would be causing this problem?



10 years ago
Display and clock not keeping time

Powers up but display does not work..put display on different Accutorr 3 SAT and the display worked but the pump was bad...switched the pumps and then both of the units displays stopped working..put pumps back in their original unit and still had the same problem with the displays...what could be the problem?

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