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Fetal Monitor

The Avalon FM series fetal and maternal monitors are the first and only to offer automated coincidence detection (cross-channel verification) using Smart Pulse. This innovative feature allows automated maternal pulse detection via the Toco MP transducer without the need to monitor maternal SpO2 or ECG separately.

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2 years ago
How to upgrade SW REV on a Philips Avalon device
Hi, I have a customer with an old Philips Avalon FM30 device. They want to upgrade the SW REV that is on it. Is this something anyone can do? Like can someone just download the latest SW REV? Or do they need to purchase the SW from Philips or something?Reply


4 years ago
Hi Guys. As Philips is always out of stock, does anyone know a reputable company who can refurbish the M2736A & M2734B fetal transducers? Many thgxReply


5 years ago
Broken display
Hi All: I have a Philips Fetal Doppler Avalon FM30 with a broken display. I'll need help to replace this part. If someone have experience with this type of equipment let me know to my email: Thank you HommyReply


  • Automated coincidence detection with Smart Pulse
  • Optional battery allows continuous monitoring during maternal transport in healthcare facilities
  • Only the Avalon FM series can monitor triplets on a single monitor using the same Ultrasound frequency

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