Olympus - BF-MP160F
by Olympus

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A truly versatile hybrid scope

The Olympus BF-MP160F’s narrow distal end diameter of 4.0mm makes it ideal for use as diagnostic scope, yet the advantages of this scope do not stop there. Its high functionality is especially useful for transbronchial lung biopsy and cytology brushing under fluoroscopy, as well as other advanced techniques.

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[list]    [*] With the CCD built into the control section, the BF-MP160F is able to have an insertion tube that’s as narrow as a fiberscope, yet at the same time is capable of delivering images that are much sharper and clearer than those of a fiberscope.    [*] The image size on the monitor is significantly larger than that of a fiberscope, making images easier to observe.    [*] There is no need to adjust focus and the automatic light adjustment system is fast and responsive, ensuring clear, high-quality images with minimum halation.    [*] An advanced, ergonomic design makes the control section easier to handle and helps reduce operator fatigue.    [*] With its ability to maneuver effectively in the peripheral bronchi, the BF-MP160F offers excellent instrumentation capability for transbronchial lung biopsy and cytology brushing under fluoroscopy.    [*] At 2.0mm in diameter, the BF-MP160F’s inner channel is extremely large in proportion to its outer diameter and can accommodate a wide variety of EndoTherapy accessories.    [*] The BF-MP160 is fully compatible with EVIS CV-100, CV-140, CV-160 and CV-180 Video Processors.    [/list]

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