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Bio-Tek 501 Pro Series.

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8 years ago
Broken RA post & cal software

I was looking at my old 501 problem and noticed the right arm ECG lead to connect your post was broken off. I ordered a new one but want to find some instruction before I open up this piece of equipment. Does anyone have any advice on where to start replacing it? I also need to replace the AC socket on the face of the unit.

Also, my unit needs to be calibrated but I do not have the software to do it. Does anyone here have calibration instructions and access to the required calibration software?

Thank you so much in advance!




8 years ago
ESI Testing Using the BioTEK 501 Pro

While our regular safety analyzer is in for calibration I have had to attempt to use the 501 Pro for ESI tests. Unfortunately, I cannot get it to do what I want it to do and I have no manual and can't find one. 

Specifically, when I try to test for grounding resistance, the readout flashes "299.9" on and off. Like I said, no manual, so I don't know what this is telling me or how to get that specific test to work.

Any ideas anyone? Thanks.




8 years ago
electrical analyzer

help me for service manual  biotek pro 501 electrical analyzer




Analyzer/Simulator TypeElectrical Safety
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