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A lightweight and fully featured monitor

The Datex AS/3 Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor is a light weight and fully featured monitor with three lead ECG, Temp, Sp02, and niBP capabilities.

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3 months ago
Can I use a datex ohmeda as/5 screen on an as/3. Any solutions to which monitor screens would work with my As/3 modules? Thanks

Can I use a datex ohmeda as/5 screen on an as/3. Any solutions to which monitor screens would work with my As/3 modules? My monitor died and need a new monitor or refurbished monitor that works with the modules. 



5 years ago
Datex Multiparameter module - NIBP leaking question plus need silicone tubing size
Hello and thanks for reading. We have a Datex / Ohmeda AS/3 with multiparameter module. The NIBP 'works' but I'm suspecting a leak somewhere in the system as it seems have to 'hunt' for the correct pressure when doing a reading and the observed mmHg on the screen descends too quickly when reading NIBP. Many times it just reports a leak. We have ruled out the tubing and cuff (replaced plus they work just fine on another monitor). Internal inspection of the multifunction module that slides into the AS/3 reveals no obvious defect. I poked around on the silicone tubing that goes from the connector to the pump / transducer and removed it and it seemed a bit loose. In addition I slightly tore one end of the tubing. It's precisely fitted, so cutting off the torn 5mm yields a tube that is too short to fit back in place. This tubing is 3.5mm ID and 7mm OD. Can't find anything that exactly fits this tubing size but I'm about to order a few that are close. So, two question: 1) Do you have a description for this exact tubing? 2) What other parts may I look at in the NIPB that might 'leak' (pump, transducer, solenoid)? I can get a working module for $200 but I hate to trash this one. Thanks. dejswa@yahoo.comReply


7 years ago
As/3 doesn't starting...
I have Datex Ohmeda as/3 monitor on my Datex as/3 ADU. Now when I try to turn it on, it doesn't work. Was black display. I change a cpu board and change battery in Power unit. Now it starting for 15 sec, I see that monitor want to start but after information massage it always restarting. Help me please.Reply
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  • ECG, Sp02, Temp., NIBP. And BP patient monitor
  • 2 hour battery life with swappable battery bays
  • 12.4 x 16.1 x 5.3 inches, small and compact
  • 14” color video CRT display
  • Anesthesia alarm system classified into three categories

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