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Continuous Hemodynamic Monitoring

The BioZ Cardio Profile is the next generation in impedance cardiography. Using impedance cardiography technology and powerful reporting features, the BioZ Cardio Profile provides noninvasive hemodynamic parameters for clinicians who need to track a patient's cardiovascular health and fluid volume status at the point of care.

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9 years ago
resetting Bioz

I there a way to reset the unit to factory specs and erase patietn files?



11 years ago
Why is the BioZ no longer manufactured?

The BioZ machine I use in the office is very old, and in need of replacement. I contacted Sonosite and was informed they no longer make them. Can you tell me why not? have they been replaced by better technology? What kind? Sonosite was not able to provide answers



[list]    [*] Manage heart failure more efficiently while potentially reducing the cost of care everywhere and anywhere in the hospital    [*] Noninvasively and continuously manage the patient’s fluid status in the OR    [*] Provide the ability to enhance patient safety through noninvasive monitoring    [*] Monitor the impact of therapeutic treatment to adjust treatment plans        Helps Manage:    [*] Congestive heart failure    [*] Shock assessment    [*] Sepsis    [*] Fluid management    [*] Medication adjustment    [*] Pacemaker adjustments    [*] Resistant hypertension    [/list]


Height12.6 in
Length 5.5 in
Weight11 lbs
Width11.4 in

Additional Specifications

Display:10.4" TFT color with Touch Screen

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