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Ultrasound Transducer

GE's 3S sector array phased array ultrasound probe transducer. This probe specializes in cardiac, abdominal and transcranial imaging applications. It has a frequency range of 1 - 4 MHz, and is compatible with a wide range of GE ultrasound units. Some of these systems include the Logiq 3, Logiq 5 Expert, Logiq 7, Logiq E9, Logiq P5 and more.  

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Additional Specifications

Probe Specificities: 

  • Phased Array
  • Sector Array
  • 1 - 4 MHz. Frequency Range

Imaging Capabilities: 

  • Abdominal
  • Cardiac
  • Transcranial

Compatible Ultrasound Systems: 

  • GE Logiq 3 
  • GE Logiq 5 Expert
  • GE Logiq 7 
  • GE Logiq 9
  • GE Logiq P5
  • GE Logiq S6
  • GE Logiq S6
  • GE Vivid 3
  • GE Vivid 7

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