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Continuous Passive Motion Unit

       The Breg Flex-Mate K500 Knee CPM is indicated for post injury or post-surgical rehabilitation of the knee joint.

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11 years ago

Some of the O-rings on our K500 broke. Could you send us the sizes/serial numbers for them? We need to order some more for future repairs.



15 years ago
Breg k500 flexmate
Braces in this level offer the HIGHEST protection and support features. Knee braces are usually made of aluminum or carbon fiber composite materials that provide maximum support not found in level III braces. Adjustable hinges are included to provide maximum protection of the ACL and PCL ligaments. Flexion and extension stops may be included to control knee joint range of motion. Superior protection is provided for the medial and lateral collateral ligaments, meniscus and joint cartilage. Ankle braces are usually stirrup or hinged stirrup design for maximum support and flexibility. Wrist and elbow braces may be hinged for adjustability and maximum protection.


§  The FLEXMATE K500 is an anatomically correct CPM designed to accommodate modern post surgical protocols.    §  Perfectly anatomical, using a geometric linkage.    §  Easy to set up.    §  No configuration change from left to right legs.    §  Lightweight and portable at only 24 lbs. with a convenient carrying handle.    §  User friendly control pendant.    §  -10 degree extension to a true 120 degree flexion.    §  Speed adjustment from 30 degree/minute to 150 degree/minute.    §  Built in safety features.        

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