Beckman Coulter - Allegra 21 and 21R
by Beckman Coulter

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Compact refrigerated bench-top centrifuge.

The Beckman Coulter Allegra 21R is great for pelleting, nucleic acid precipitation, and protein extraction. Rotor is not included. Common rotors for the Allegra 21R are the 25 Conical Fixed Angle rotor C0650 and C1015, 25 Fixed Angle F0685, F0850, F0630, and F1010, 30 Fixed Angle F0630, 45 Fixed Angle F2402H and F3602, Horizontal S4180, Biosafe Bowl H6002, and Microtiter S2096.

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3 years ago
Blown blue Thermistor on Power Board
I'm really hoping someone can tell me the specs for a blue thermistor on the powerboard near the heat sink and on the edge of the board. The board shows R15 under it. It appears blown out and hopefully if I get some info I can just replace it. Help guys!!! I contacted Beckman Coulter and they wouldn't give me any information telling me they could sell me a board for $2k!! Thanks, but no. Reply


3 years ago
error 88 message
anybody out there know what i can do about an error 88 message? what does it pertain to?Reply


-J. Auch
11 years ago
Error 28 won't clear

Error code 28 won't clear, I've turned power off and then back on, opend lid turned off then on, all sorts of permutations of that nature. Still nothing. Any ideas?


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  • Capacity up to 720 mL    
  • Interchangeable rotors accommodate tubes & bottles from 0.25 up to 180 mL    
  • Maintenance-free motor spins up to 15,300 rpm (21,460 × g)    
  • Digital display indicates actual speed, set speed, temperature and rotor imbalance    
  • Available in refrigerated or non-refrigerated models with operating temperatures from +2°C to +40°C


Beckman Coulter - 21

Beckman Coulter - 21R

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