Beckman Coulter - ACL 100
by Beckman Coulter

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Provides Many Benefits to Keep Your Lab Running Smoothly

As a fully automated instrument, the ACL 100 is an affordable solution for low volume workloads, or as a backup analyzer. Without the need for additional steps or reagents, you'll receive a quantitative clottable Fibrinogen result automatically with every PT. The ACL 100 also runs clotting assays, such as Lupus and APCR-V Leiden. Plus, it's backed by superior technology that has set a standard for precision and reliability in coagulation analysis.

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-Carnegie Tri-County Municipal Hospital
10 years ago
sensor 7 failure

Has anyone else had a sensor 7 failure on their ACL 100 coag instrument?

It referes to priming issue---is it the seals on the priming pistons?  How did you correct your issues?  Old model/ no longer supported.



-Leigh Cherry
12 years ago
reportable range

What is reportable range for Protimes?



13 years ago
ACL-100 Error

We have a sensor failure error on our Beckman Coulter ACL-100. Is there any way to fix this without a service call?

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