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Low Profile, General Purpose Centrifuges.

Continuing a tradition of progressive centrifuge design and manufacturing, Thermo IEC introduces the CL3 series. The Centra-CL3 and Centra-CL3R (refrigerated) general purpose models provide new conveniences for today’s laboratory.    [b]Quality Control Over Sample Preparation[/b]        The CL3 series will store and lock up to 99 protocols and has speed and accuracies to the nearest 50 rpm, select temperatures with 1 °C increments, as well as automatic speed calculation of the g-force. Laboratory technicians can be confident that the CL3 series will provide you a quality performance with accurate results. Capable of reaching 4 °C from 20 °C in ~7 minutes with rapid condition means you always spin at the required temperature.        [b]Run-To-Run Replication[/b]        Thermo IEC’s exclusive “At-Speed” Timer mode is just one more convenience of the CL3 series. The timed portion of the run begins when sample load reaches set operating speed, providing you with the appropriate g-force effect on the sample for the desired time period—run after run.        [b]Most Accommodating[/b]        The CL3 series accommodates up to 1 liter of sample (4 x 250mL) accepting a wide variety of popular tubes including 15 mL, 50 mL, 225 mL conical, Vacutainer® tubes to 15 mL (16 x 125mm), microtubes, microplates (standard and deepwell), microscope slides, and an assortment of filtration devices.        [b]New Quick Release Rotor[/b]        The Thermo IEC 243 Swinging Bucket Rotor, utilizes convenient sealed Aerocarrier Adapters which accommodate sample volumes ranging from 0.25 mL to 250 mL. Exchanging rotors is a cinch with a simple, quick release/mounting mechanism. Additional savings may be realized because the CL3 series will accept rotors from various Thermo IEC centrifuges both past and present.

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2 years ago
Rotor, and buckets
how do I tighten the rotor, that holds the buckets? trying to find in manual and cannot find.Reply


-BMET Brad
6 years ago
PM and Service
I need a service manual or Manufacturer PM/service recommendations in writing for QA of service provided by me and my staff on this unit.Reply


6 years ago
Aerocarrier adapters
Anyone know where to get the Aerocarrier adapters? I am looking for the 1.5mL microtube adapter for the 236 aerocarrier swing bucket rotor. Part no. 2096. Using it for a CL2 (not CL3).Reply
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[list]        [*] Maintenance-free brushless motor.        [*] Quiet operation, less than 60 dBA (maximum).        [*] Quick acceleration and deceleration rates of 45 seconds.        [*] Low profile, only 12.5” (31.8 cm) from bench.        [*] Aerosol containment using new Aerocarrier™ Adapters.        [/list]


Thermo IEC - CL3

Thermo IEC - CL3R

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