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Introducing the C! Photon2 Compact Cardiac Imaging System!

Absolute Imaging Solutions is proud to offer this remarkable new imaging system, designed as a solid investment to offer fast and intuitive operation, patient comfort, ease of use, and image quality.

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  • Ergonomic and Compact Design - features an open gantry that reduces patient anxiety, while occupying the smallest equipment footprint available today.
  • Patient Entertainment System - minimizes patient motion and reduces patient anxiety by keeping the patient focused on the entertainment screen.
  • Relaxed Forward -leaning Imaging Position - minimizes heart-to-detector distance while eliminating the need for arms-over-head positioning of the patient.
  • Ultimate Patient Proximity - the minimal distance between the patient and the detectors provides better image quality and reduces patient motion.
  • Solid Investment - affordably priced, the C! will easily fit into an 7' x 7' exam room. Simple operation and fast setup provides exceptional patient throughput, which translates into a higher revenue stream.
  • Unique Chair Design - ensures easy patient access, provides effortless patient positioning, and allows easy accessibility for wheelchair patients. The solid design can hold large patients, weighing up to 500 lbs.
  • Standard Connectivity - the C! supports DICOM 3.0 protocol, including DICOM storage, printing, and work-list
  • Computer-controlled Front-end Electronics - provides superb image quality, evident by the C!’s excellent NEMA specifications.
  • Touchscreen Technology - the intuitive user interface provides quick patient setup and acquisition monitoring.
  • Concealed Detector Design - provides ultimate patient safety by eliminating any accessible detector movement.  


Height44.5 in top bare
Length 42 in base
Weight1100 lbs
Patient Weight Capacity500 lbs
Width30.5 in base
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