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Thyroid Uptake System 

Performing Thyroid Uptake measurements has never been easier. The Captus® 3000 combines a totally new software program with the latest PC technology to create a Thyroid Uptake system that is fast, reliable, and extremely easy to use. The Captus® software has been designed to get you up and running in virtually no time at all. The program contains a "Quick-Start" feature that walks the user through all of the initial setup functions. The "Quick-Start" feature also serves as an excellent teaching tool. The Captus® 3000 software is a full service program with Thyroid Uptake, Wipe Testing, Bioassay, Schillings, Dicopac®, Blood Volume and RBC Survival functionality built in. The Wipe Test module has been a "New" feature that allows the flexibility of predefined or user defined groupings. The entire program has "Fly Over" control bars to allow quick access to whatever function is necessary. QA is of course completely automated and now includes a "New" feature for measuring Minimum Detectable Activity. With the use of the two included reference standards (Cs-137 and Eu-152) the system will move from Calibration to Constancy to Chi-square with limited time and effort. There is a new and versatile 1024 Multichannel Analyzer (MCA) module that allows measurements of energies up to 2 MeV. The MCA module also has an isotope selection library with over 90 preloaded isotopes and adjustable ROI's for easily reproducible counting parameters.  

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4 years ago
Capnitec - Captus 3000- How it works?
Capnitec - Captus 3000- How it works? please replyReply


  • Bioassay 
  • Lab Tests 
  • 1024 Multichannel Analyzer 
  • Flexible pre-defined or user-defined Wipe Test groupings
  • Improved data storage, archive and reporting functions 
  • "Quick Start" menu 
  • Automated QC functions, including energy calibration, constancy,X2 and MDA 
  • 3600 Articulating Spring Arm  

Additional Specifications

  • Computer: Pentium IIII processor at 1.6GHZ, 20 GB hard drive, 48X CD-ROM, 15" color monitor, keyboard, trackball and color ink-jet printer. 
  • MCA interface PC board: 
  • 1024 channels. 
  • Maximum count rate of 100,000 cps. 
  • ROI's are automatic or manual. 
  • Differential Linearity: <2% over the top 98% of channels. 
  • Integral Linearity: <1% over the top 98% of channels. 
  • Preset live time, real time or total counts. 
  • Automatic peak-finding. 
  • Two 2" NaI (Tl) detectors: 
  • Flat field collimated to meet ANSI N44.3-1973. 
  • Drilled well with 1" lead shielding (optional 2' shielding available) and brass liner. 
  • Calibration sources: Cs-137 and Eu-152 (calibrated exempt sources provided at no charge). 
  • Power requirements: (With circuit protection, line filter and isolation transformer) 
  • Standard: 115V 90-127V 50-60HZ • 
  • Optional: 220V 180-250V 50-60HZ 
  • Approximate Weight: 450lbs.  

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