GE Healthcare - Corometrics 170 Series
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Delivering reliable, and accurate fetal monitoring. 

Whether you perform antepartum fetal monitoring in an office setting or in the hospital, Corometrics ™ 170 Series Fetal Monitor can help. You can trust our fetal monitors to help you improve the standard of care for your expecting mothers. We designed these compact, lightweight monitors to help you effectively and efficiently care for mom and baby by accurately and noninvasively tracking baby’s heart rate for non-stress tests.

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2 months ago
error code = 2
what is the meaning of this error code how to fix please

Equipment: GE Healthcare - Corometrics 170 series



2 years ago
no sounds
we recently had machine services and printer part replaced. no sound since. any thoughts? Reply


3 years ago
Board , membrane or display?
I have a corometrics 170 series(172) leds lit on display, power and recorder leds are lit up and can hear hear beat..can not turn unit off wo unplugging, cannot turn volume down, recorder will not feed and nothing lit on display..a lot of issues at once..Reply


  • Fetal high/low threshold alarms 
  • Heart rate offset on twins monitors clearly separates heart rates
  • Heartbeat Coincidence on twins monitor to be sure you are not monitoring the same fetus twice 
  • Fetal Movement Detection option monitors gross fetal movements and automatically records them on the strip chart paper 
  • Independent volume controls with twins monitors


Height14.6 cm
Length 25.4 cm
Weight3.6 kg
Width42.5 cm
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