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Fetal Monitor

Series 50XM monitors can accept data from the Avalon CTS cordless transducer system or telemetry. They can also transfer measurements to the OB TraceVue obstetrical information management system. OB TraceVue offers patient surveillance, alerting, documentation, and archiving functionality for comprehensive information management across the obstetrical care continuum—from the first antepartum visit to delivery to post-partum follow-up visits, across multiple pregnancies. Patient information is accessible wherever it’s needed, from the patient bedside and delivery room to the central station, staff lounge, or obstetrician’s home or office. OB TraceVue delivers well-organized information and improves efficiency, allowing care teams to focus more attention on patients. Harmonized patient name and bed labeling, and time synchronization between OB TraceVue’s system clock and all Philips fetal monitors on the same network are just some of the system’s valuable features.

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10 years ago
Video output

I am an OBGYN working at mission hospital in rural Honduras.  I know nothing about the inner workings of the fetal monitor, so please bear with me.  We started the OB program 2 years ago and have one of the cheap all-in-one monitors that have a little 4 inch display.  It is pretty hard to read and useless for subtile changes in heart rate.  So, I am looking to see if I can find an older monitor that will give me video output to a video monitor.  I am under the impression that the newer models have proprietary software that will enable output to a video monitor, but this would be cost prohibitive for my hospital.  My question is there an older model that will give me the ability to hook up a simple flat screen monitor to have a visual of the fetal heart rate pattern without having to buy extra software?  I have worked with Philips, Corometrics, GE, and HP in the past and they seem to be very good machines.  I can get most anything on ebay, so if you have any information about a model that will work, please let me know.  



  • Continuous maternal vital signs monitoring, and maternal non-invasive blood pressure 
  • Individual twins heart rate monitoring 
  • Uterine activity calculated in relation to a selected baseline
  • Signal quality indicators for each fetal heart rate channel for optimal transducer placement
  • Toco and intrauterine pressure monitoring
  • Color-coded sockets match transducer cables and supplies

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