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The GE Corometrics 150 twin fetal monitor is designed for any OB/GYN offices, clinical settings or hospital.

With patented Corolation signal processing, the accuracy of ultrasound FHR monitoring is significantly improved resulting in clear and consistent heart rate traces. While monitoring twins, overlapping heart rate traces can be separated with the push of a button. The strip is automatically and regularly annotated to indicate the offset mode is enabled.

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3 years ago
Set Date/Time?
Hello everyone, I've looked online and can't find this anywhere. how do I (or can I) set the date and time for the 150?Reply


-Dr. de Edwards
7 years ago
required maintenance
what is the required maintenanceReply


-Critical Services Co., Inc.
9 years ago
Ultrasonic Transducer

IS the ultrasonic transducer still available? What is the difference between 5700AAX and 5700LAX and 5700HAX? Are they interchangeable?



  • Dual ultrasound with offset mode
  • Fetal movement detection

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