Datex Ohmeda - Cardiocap/5
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Compact All-in-one Critical Care Monitor

The Cardiocap/5 is a compact, all-in-one monitor designed for use in the operating room, ambulatory surgery unit, induction room and PACU. The Cardiocap/5 offers full vital signs monitoring capabilities from the monitoring of oxygenation and circulation to advanced airway gas analysis and ventilation measurement with Patient Spirometry.                          Cardiocap/5 networking options extend the capabilities to centralized monitoring and arrhythmia analysis.                          The Cardiocap/5 has an outstanding user interface, the trademark of all GE Healthcare monitors, making it easy use, easy to learn and the perfect partner for any anesthesia machine.

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a month ago
Cardiocap 5, gas cal date isn

I've got 2 units, after the gas agent calibration, it shows the current date as last cal date, but after power cycling it reverts to an older date. I've tried using the save mode, going thru the airway gas cal function as well, but it reverts back each time.  I've checked the SRAM on both, replaced 1. But still no change.   I've never seen this before. 



2 years ago
service manual
I need service manual for cardiocap 5

Equipment: Datex Ohmeda - Cardiocap/5



-Donald Keusch
2 years ago
Gas monitoring
The monitor all of a sudden says check sample gas out And stop displaying results for gas monitoring. I changed the d-fend for a new one without success. What do I need to doReply
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[list]             [*] Integrated, hemodynamic and airway gas monitor specifically designed for operating and recovery rooms.             [*] Proven Datex-Ohmeda intuitive user interface, including anesthesia-dedicated menu logic and alarm philosophy, as in all System/5 monitors.             [*] Small and compact for places where space is a premium.             [*] Large numerics and waveforms provide excellent visibility from a distance.             [*] Built-in back-up battery to handle sudden power-down situations.             [*] The frame-integrated mounting piece allows quick and easy mounting on optional wall mount, roll stand and anesthesia machine mounting arms.             [/list]


Height300 mm
Length 220 mm
Power Requirements100-240 VAC
Width330 mm

Additional Specifications

Hemodynamics             ECG 5-lead with ST analysis             Impedance respiration             Pulse oximetry (SpO2)             NIBP             InvBP             Temperature                          Airway Gases             CO2 (N2O)             Patient O2             N2O             Anesthetic agents with identification                             Patient Spirometry             Tidal volume             Minute volume             Flow             Compliance             Airway resistance             Airway pressure                        Relaxation             Neuromuscular transmission                    ECG:          Number of channels 3          Number of leads 3 or 5          ST analysis 3 channels, continuous                    Heart rate:          Measurement range 30 to 250 beats per min (bpm)          Measurement accuracy ±5% or ±5 bpm, whichever is greater          Pacemaker pulse detection 2 to 500 mV, 0.5 to 2 ms                    Impedance Respiration:          Measurement method Measurement uses ECG electrodes to measure the impedance changes as a result of breathing.          Measurement range 4 to 120 breaths/min

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