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Handheld EMG Systems

This handheld, battery-operated 2-channel EMG system is an ideal choice when portability and space are critical. Its affordable price is suitable for budget-minded undertakings, or for entry-level researchers wishing to explore the field of Electromyography. The Bagnoli-2 EMG system is an ideal tool for demonstrations to large and small audiences, and is an excellent teaching instrument for lectures and laboratories.

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[list]  [*] 2 channels  [*] Selectable gains (100, 1K, 10K)  [*] Accepts DE-2.1 and DE-3.1 sensors  [*] 9V Battery  [*] Unobtrusive, low profile design  [*] IEC601-1 Medical Standards  [*] CE Mark, 510 K Clearance   [/list]


Height40 mm
Frequency Range20 to 450 Hz
Length 100 mm
Weight0.3 kg
Power Source9 V Battery
Noise= 1.2 uV(RMS, R.T.I)
Width65 mm

Additional Specifications

Output Cable Length: 7.5 m  Overall Amplification: 100, 1000, 10,000, ±1%  Bandwidth Rolloff: 80 dB/decade  Voltage Isolation: 3750 VAC (RMS)

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