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Hewlett Packard 43100A - battery-powered; combines 360 Joule defibrillator, ECG monitor, and annotating recorder in one machine; charging time: less than 10 seconds. Defibrillator, built-in annotating recorder, internal battery, meets ACLS

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-Paul L Hoffman
4 years ago
Recorder Drive Chain Replacement

Rubber recorder drive chain fell apart. Where can I get a replacement and/or the part number?  For HP 43100A



8 years ago
HP 43100A defibrilator

Hello every body

How can I go to the setting of hp 43100A defibrilator?

to set Clock



8 years ago
Service Manual

I have a model 43100A defibrillator that presented with full battery charge, light on, but no power when switched on. Initially there was chattering of the safety relay that controls the patient relay before a component burned out.

Though I can trace the test points, cannot go to component level without schematics which are missing from my copy of manual.

If anyone can help with complete service manual or even with troubleshooting it would be greatly appreciated.

Alex Robinson, Biomedical Engineering Consultant to the Afya Foundation of America

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  • A built-in annotating recorder and internal battery          
  • The HP 43100/110A meets current ACLS standards          
  • Uses microprocessor technology to control and monitor system operation, which allows the unit to perform a diagnostic routine            
  • Produces up to 360 joules  
  • Charge done tone, and charge done lamp on apex paddle to indicate that it is armed  
  • 3-color LED bar graph array on STERNUM paddle indicates quality of debrillator paddle contact before discharge  


Defibrillator TypeExternal, Automated (AED)

Additional Specifications

  • Charge Control: Push-button on apex paddle and on front panel  
  • Charge Time: Less than 10 seconds to 360 joules when powered by a fully charged battery

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