Nihon Kohden - BSM-2300 series
by Nihon Kohden

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Compact bedside monitors with touch screen

With high performance in a compact body, Life Scope i is ideal for transport monitoring and bedside monitoring for ER, OR and ICU, PACU, NICU, step-down unit, and general ward.                    [b][i]This product is not sold in the U.S by the manufacturer.[/i][/b]

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6 years ago
circuitry scheme Nihon Kohden BSM-2300 s
Can anyone help me to find or provide me a circuitry scheme of this monitor?Reply


-Biomed Plus
7 years ago
End of life
When did Nihon Kohden BSM series reach end of life?Reply


-Ghufran Ullah
9 years ago
Cardiac monitor/patient monitor

Friends,,,,How can i will change language in NIHON KOHDEN cardiac monitor BSM-2303 and BSM-4111,,,

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[list]                [*] Compact and lightweight with 3-hour battery operation                [*] High resolution (800×600 dot) 8.4-inch TFT color LCD touch screen                [*] 7 parameters                - ECG (3 or 6 electrodes)                - Respiration (impedance and thermistor)                - SpO2                - NIBP                - Temperature                - IBP or CO2 (mainstream)                - second IBP (BSM-2303)                [*] 5 waves (BSM-2301) or 6 waves (BSM-2303)                [*] MULTI connectors                [*] Effective ECG monitoring                [*] Nurse-oriented                [*] Multigas measurement with AG-920R Multigas Unit                [*] Full line-up of CO2 sensors including cap-ONE for non-intubated patients                [*] OCRG screen for neonatal monitoring                [*] Networking                [*] Optional 3-channel recorder                [*] Revolutionary PWTT technology                [/list]

Additional Specifications

Resolution: 800×600 dot

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