GE Healthcare - OEC 9800 Plus
Manufactured by GE Healthcare

Sets the standard in mobile fluoroscopy and innovative X-ray imaging technology

The OEC 9800 Plus is a mobile imaging system that combines real-time 1k x 1k imaging resolution with a rotating anode X-ray tube and high powered 15 kW generator. This combination helps you see the detail you need to see, even in very challenging imaging environments.  
The OEC 9800 Plus sets the standard for mobile imaging systems by providing image capture, recording and management capabilities comparable to the latest fixed-room fluoroscopic imaging systems at a significantly reduced cost.



8 months ago
oec 9800 plus laptop connection
some adapter to connect to oec 800 plus is needed? Only utility suite and ethernet cable is needed?Reply


10 months ago
not boot up,

when switch on the oec 9800- monitor is jest light only nothing showing ,so what could be the problem ,can help me



a year ago
precharge volt err

when on the oec c-arm its showing perchage volt err switch off and wait 10- second and swicth on ,so what is the problem ,please help me


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Brilliant OEC Radiation Safety Mini


  1. Total redesign of current mobile C-arm equipment featuring 1K x 1K imaging resolution  
  2. 1K x 1K imaging resolution creates an expanded, more powerful platform.  
  3. Intuitive touch screen control offers simple system operation so it's easy to use by users of all levels of experience.  
  4. AutoTrak (TM) feature automatically tracks the subject anatomy anywhere within the imaging field for true point-and-shoot ease of use.  
  5. Low X-ray dose with high quality images.  
  6. Backlit C-arm control panel to see in darkened operating rooms.  
  7. Operator control panel on both sides of C-arm chassis conveniently located for operator use.  
  8. Triple the generator power.  
  9. Lightweight for ease in steering and maneuvering.  


Maximum Focal Spot0.3 mm Dual focal spots, 0,3mm/0.6mm
X-ray Generator Power Rating15 Kw

Additional Specifications

The OEC 9800 Plus is available with a 9” or 12” Image Intensifier and Standard or Super C configurations. 

  1. ESP Platform – Standard features with a 1k x 1k 16 bit image processor. 
  2. PM Care Platform – Standard ESP features plus Real-time DSA and 8 FPS dynamic digital disk. 
  3. Vascular Platform – Upgrade to 15 fps, real-time subtraction, road mapping, peak opacification and variable landmarking. 

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We are frequently asked: “What’s the difference between the GE 9800 and 9800 plus C-Arm?” Well today we thought we would help our customers out by answering this question once and for all.

Device Alert

High-Voltage Bridge Driver May Not Conform to Safety Standards for Clearance and Creepage of Voltage Isolation, Potentially Leading to Loss of Imaging Functionality See attached PDF under Manuals & Resources tab

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