Rigel Medical - BP-SiM
by Rigel Medical

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Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Analyser (NIBP Simulator)

The Rigel BP-SiM is a handheld NIBP simulator, incorporating a range of custom settings that include a variety of paediatric and adult NIBP pressure simulations, pulse volume adjustments, heart rate, manometer mode and manufacturer-specific envelopes, referred to as O-curves.        Combining full performance features with a large capacity internal memory, graphics screen, keyboard and battery operation, make this a power tool for biomedical test professionals.        Static pressure calibration and leakage tests can be easily performed thanks to its internal pump.        Bluetooth connectivity to a range of accessories and Med-eBase, comprehensive database software, ensures fast and easy download of test results, managing your asset database, creation of test sequences and producing test certificates.

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[list]    [*] Accurate life-like simulation    [*] Hand-held and Battery powered    [*] On-board memory and keyboard    [/list]


Height3 in
Length 10.5 in
Weight1 kg
Analyzer/Simulator TypeNIBP
Width4 in
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