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Electrosurgery Analyzer

QA-ES Series II analyzes electrosurgical units quickly and accurately. A wide load-resistance range provides 128 user-selectable loads, including very low loads for testing many of today’s ESUs.   
An accuracy of ± 2 % of reading down to 20 mA guarantees reliable high-frequency leakage results. With capability to run an automatic power- distribution test in as little as 1 minute, the QA-ES works fast so technicians save time.   
An Ansur QA-ES software plug-in allows users to create and automatically run tests, capture data, and produce easy-to-read reports with a PC.



3 years ago
User Opinions
Can any users of this analyzer give me their opinion on if this 10 year old technology is capable in troubleshooting the modern ESUs? Thanks.Reply


4 years ago
Hello, I was wondering if you could please tell me the resolution and the accuracy of a Fluke QA-ES II, since the manual doesnt have good information about that.Reply
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  1. Automatic power distribution measurement, including power, current, peak-to-peak voltage closed load only), and crest factor   
  2. Oscilloscope output   
  3. High-frequency leakage measurements with accuracy of ± 2 % of reading   
  4. 128 internal user-selectable test loads from 10 Ω to 5200 Ω   
  5. Foot-switch output for triggering the ESU under test   
  6. Ansur QA-ES software plug-in for automated test protocols   
  7. Large display   
  8. RS-232 and Centronic-printer interface   


Analyzer/Simulator TypeESU
Height5.2 in
Length 15.6 in
Weight21.6 lbs
Width13.5 in
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