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Non-stop, Portable Performance

When you need to get to a patient fast, you need a durable, mobile X-ray imaging system. GE Healthcare’s AMX-4+ analog X-ray system answers that challenge by providing high-performance in a compact, easy-to-maneuver package. The rotating arm and tube simplify positioning and facilitate bedside studies, while the maintenance-free battery produces up to 50 high-quality exposures with a single charge.  

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2 months ago
Battery Charger problem, AMX4 does not turn ON

Hi everyone, I have a AMX4 old with a charger G2. Does anyone know what are the test points of the charger? 

I have a problem with this X ray. I was given the equipment already open and batteries had been changed before I diagnosed it. It has new batteries,  but when I plug in the power cord and turn the breaker on, I can hear the fan working and theres is 112V in the bateries y TP10 and TP9 of the charger.  But when I put the main key to ON, only the k215 is energized(I can hear that the switch barely works). And there is normal voltages in the LVLE (15,5,-15,24V), I am not sure what else can I check in the charger. I dont know how to test the test point in this board and the Manual doesnt have too much info of this. Any help is welcome, thank you



-Trace Bowen
2 months ago
Tube Hard to Move Up and Down

When I go to move the tube, it moves, but there’s a resistance that shouldn’t be there. I replaced both hand switches but that didn’t help. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



5 months ago
Starts to Rotor then shuts down.


To start at the beginning ... 1st) Tube/collimator was tough to move up/down to column.  Replaced upper brake to column, brake wires shorted to housing when re-assembling.  Repaired wires, routed wires a different way, re-assembled ... Tube/collimator easy to move up/down.  Charged portable overnight, next day went to verify system working before giving to the techs .... rotor cuts out in 2 seconds & system restarts, tests passed, no errors, CB never trips off.   

2nd) Now AMX-4 + when you rotor from Hand switch, can hear relays click, 2 seconds later the displays go blank and startup test pass, display is ready again.   I can hear the rotor spinning in tube,  tube resistance is good. I verified capacitor values on right side. All fuses are good. Reseated Relays on circuit boards.  I have a replaced 1 board at time to the following .... Display Bd, CPU, Rotor Bd, FIL/Kvp Bd.  No errors appear after startup tests.  Can't do any cals because rotor doesn't last but 2 seconds.    Does anyone have any other idea's? 



Equipment: GE HealthCare - AMX 4 Plus

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[list] [*]Dual drive motors and oversize casters facilitate movement; even in taxing environments. [*]Ease of use, effortless maneuverability and 270 degree column rotation add positioning flexibility across diverse care areas and exams, even in tight spaces. [*]Large installed base results in operator familiarity, reducing training costs. [/list]


Maximum Focal Spot0.75 mm
Height70 in
Length 45 in
Weight1080 lbs
Width25 in

Additional Specifications

Remote x-ray control: Handswitch-Standard

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