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High-throughput, decentralized computed radiography (CR) digitizer

DX-S is a groundbreaking Computed Radiography (CR) solution that has created a new threshold in CR. It fills the gap in the current range of Digital Radiography Solutions by providing a level of image quality, speed and flexibility that exceeds that which is currently available in the CR marketplace. 
Designed to bring a full range of imaging exams directly to the point of care in General Radiography, Paediatric and Emergency environments, at its heart are two new breakthrough technologies unique to Agfa: DirectriX needle-based detector technology and Scanhead line-to-line CR simulation and light collection technology. The unique combination of these two technologies into one fully integrated, compact CR system enables a previously unseen level of CR performance.

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2 months ago
Erreur 1124
The solution stpReply


5 years ago
Error 1124

Any body can send me the service manual DX-S?

i do not know how to replace the ERASURE UNIT

my Email address ( 



5 years ago
AGFA DX-S error 3207

Hi All,

I would like to ask maybe someboy had this issue in start up the air pressure pump starting pumping and not stoping, so I think that the issue with AIR CONTROL board, but maybe somebody tried to repair it, I have ideat that something wrong with one of the transistor?

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The AGFA DX-S - an amazing advance in CR technology.


  • DirectriX and Scanhead technologies, providing a high level of image quality, speed and flexibility. 
  • State-of-the-art image quality, with a potential reduction in X-ray dose. 
  • A full range of imaging exams, directly at the point-of-care.


CR-System ConfigurationSingle-plate floor unit
CR-Workstation ConfigurationIncluded device for one or more image readers
Height33.4 in
Length 31.1 in
Weight210 lbs
Width13 in
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