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The Orex PcCR Table top unit processes 20 or 41 plates/ hour. Standard film sizes: 14X17, 14X14, 10X12, 8X10. OREX PcCR 1417 is placed AT THE RAD ROOM NEAR THE GENERATOR. Take your images in the normal manner using reusable phosphor plates in place of film. Insert entire cassette into PcCr 1417 Scanner. Scan, digitize, QC, then DICOM send. Plate automatically erases and returns to cassette. 
Orex Computed Radiography (CR) offers a multitude of productivity benefits over traditional analog or film-based systems, including compact digital format storage/archiving, ease of information sharing, lower cost of ownership (reusable digital media) and improved diagnostics (no loss of image quality). 
The Orex CR patent-pending technology/concept is based on an extremely compact, high quality Orex CR unit (laser scanner) that allows technicians to transfer CR phosphor plate x-ray images to a DICOM 3.0 compatible digital computer format. The Orex CR phosphor plates eliminate the need for expensive, non-reusable film.

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-Dr. Peter Ferro
10 months ago
Holder and plate HP076520
Our plate is damaged andwe need a new one?????Reply


-OREX PCcR1417
a year ago
Rollers Cleaning Plate Part#ST092398
I've used up my existing cleaning plate and I'm looking to purchase a new cleaning plate for my CR unit?Reply


-D wilson
4 years ago
Orex pocr 14x17 acl

no image showing up dark black once in awhile it's looks washed out light gray



  • Easy use of DRR (Dynamic Range Reconstruction)
  • UM (Unsharp Masking)
  • Integrated to professional third party PACS software packages


CR-System ConfigurationMulti-plate table unit
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