Microbiology International - D2D Series
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Double-door autoclave for use in biological safety laboratories, clean rooms and production facilities. Creates a pass-through lock separating sterile and non-sterile areas.

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[list]  [*] No heating elements and no reservoir for dirty water in the chamber  [*] With stand-by pre-heating option, only 10 min. heating time to 121° C with an empty chamber  [*] Improved removal of air from the empty chamber via pulsed heating (rapid attainment of optimal steam atmosphere, even without a vacuum)  [*] Accuracy better than ± 0.3 C with empty chamber  [*] Quicker cooling as neither hot water in the chamber nor the separate steam generator need be cooled  [*] After cooling, steam is immediately available for the next sterilization run.  [*] Flexible temperature sensor PT-100 for a reference vessel  [*] Medium temperature triggering of sterilization time  [*] Autofill – automatic filling with demineralized water feed for steam generation  [*] Start by clock – timer for programming starting time  [*] Collecting point for all outlet pipes  [*] Venting valve  [*] Baseplate in the chamber for vessels, baskets etc.  [*] Validation port  [/list]


Microbiology International - D2D-150

Microbiology International - D2D-200

Microbiology International - D2D-90

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