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Improved precision and control in electrosurgery Now the benefits of precise, controlled argon-enhanced electrosurgery are available in a compact, ea

Argon-enhanced coagulation offers precise energy delivery for efficient, noncontact coagulation over large surface areas. Argon-enhanced coagulation produces rapid hemostasis with a thinner, more flexible eschar and reduced rebleeding.  
Argon-shrouded cut facilitates cutting with less smoke and enhanced visibility.  
Gas flow control enhances patient safety. The low flow rate, designed to help prevent overpressurization in laparoscopic procedures, is automatically invoked at system start up. The standard flow rate can be selected for open procedures.  
The laparoscopic overpressure monitor helps avoid excessive peritoneal pressure in laparoscopic surgery. Audio and visual alarms warn of an overpressure condition.  
Flexible system design reduces space requirements and offers optimal surgical flexibility. The compact unit can be cart or ceiling mounted and is compatible with a full range of Valleylab electrosurgical generators and argon accessories.  
The universal mounting system is designed to accommodate several pieces of equipment efficiently and conveniently.  
Compatibility with the ArgonPlus™ handset allows the Force Argon™ II system to be used with this four-function handset and a variety of electrodes designed for open and laparoscopic surgery.

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8 years ago
Error 29

When i turn on an error 29. In the service manual is written:

PS2 offset out of range.


Recommended Action - Press the Gas Line Purge button.

I spend the recommended actions, but nothing happens.




8 years ago
service manual valleylab force argon II


Please send for me service manual of valleylab force argon II.



11 years ago
service manuals
I am in need for pdf files of all service manuals for valley labs equipment. I work in Guatemala, and your old equipment is our "new" equipment. Any and all manuals for any and all equipment is welcome. I receive requests from all over the world for service manuals for med equipment.Reply
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Height14 in
Length 16 yd
Weight24 lbs
Width17.8 in
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