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with Instant Response Technology

Instant Response™ Technology    
Instant Response™ technology provides surgeons with improved performance at lower power settings, minimizing the risk of tissue damage and neuromuscular stimulation, and decreasing the need to “turn up the generator.”    
A Smoother Cut Through All Tissue Types    
The Force EZ™ generator adjusts automatically, responding to tissue changes, maintaining power delivery, and minimizing drag.     
Added Safety and Reliability Minimizes Electrosurgical Risks    
Capacitive coupling is reduced by 30-50% when using Instant Response™ technology. This reduction is achieved by limiting the RMS voltage and the high frequency harmonics. Lower voltage means less neuromuscular stimulation and more precise delivery of energy to reduce collateral damage.

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5 months ago
No output
Hi. We have a Valleylab Force EZ which is giving error 161. Also when trying to do a calibration no voltage is seen on the voltmeter. The K2 relay (CUT) and FET's are ok, no shortages. Any help please? ThanksReply


6 years ago
Valleylab force EZ freeze


I have a Valleylab force EZ,when switched ON and self-test done without errors,a fault occurs once you  press the cut or coag button and suddenly freeze the screen with continuous audible alarm even if release the button of the force straps cut or coag button,to reset the alarm (without error code) need to switched OFF the unit.But if you connect the pedal in the front connection, the fault doesn't comes up.The strange thing is when connect the same pedal in the rear connection(Back Connection) and press cut or coag suddenly the screen freeze again with an continuous audible alarm and even if you release the pedal cut or coag.

Please can someone help me on this issue.

Best Regards,





7 years ago
force ez doesn't work

after turning on the force ez generator he doesn't work and make a continuous bip

nothing displayed -no error code-

how i can resolve this problem

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OutPut Frequency470 kHz bipolar
Height5 in
Length 15.6 in
Weight15 lbs
Width16 in
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