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Pulse Oximeter

The rugged AD-1000 high performance Pulse Oximeter is ergonomically designed to fit in your hand. Ideal for spot checking, this compact, easy-to-use unit provides quick, reliable SpO2 and pulse rate measurements on any patient, from neonate to adult. Neonate patient requires optional neonate probe.

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10 years ago
replace finger probe

If the AD-1000 unit comes on but I can get no reading and there is no red light in the finger probe, Can I get a replacement finger probe?



12 years ago
Broken battery cover

Where can I locate a battery cover for the AD-1000?

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  • Bright easy-to-read LED displays
  • Quantitative pulse strength bar depicts actual signal strength for a true indication of pulse strength and perfusion status
  • Stores data for up to ninety-nine different patients
  • Continuously corrects for background noise to enhance motion artifact recognition
  • High intensity sensors are available for neonate to adult, in either reusable or disposable versions
  • Economical - Runs on 3 "C" cell batteries
  • Two-year warranty on the oximeter, one-year warranty on the reusable probes


Height6.3 in
Length 1.25 in
Pulse Rate Range30-254 BPM
SpO2 Range0-100%
Width3.25 in

Additional Specifications

  • SpO2:
    Accuracy: +/- 2% at 70-99%  
    +/-3% at 50-69%  
  • Averaging: 8 beat average
  • Pulse Rate: Accuracy: +/-2%  
  • Averaging: 8 second average
  • Displays:
    SpO2 and pulse rate: LED numeric display  
  • Pulse strength: Logarithmically scaled 8 segment bar graph  
  • Memory: One thousand spot checks, up to ninety-nine patients

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