Tuttnauer - 44 and 55 Compact Series
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44 & 55 Laboratory Autoclaves Compact Series

The 44 and 55 autoclave series is designed to cover a large range of applications for laboratories, research institutes and biotechnology facilities. The autoclave series has a chamber volume range from 120 litres to 310 litres.             The autoclave operates with saturated steam as the sterilizing agent with a temperature range from 105°C (221°F) to 137°C (279°F) and a working pressure that meets AMSE and PED requirements. Each autoclave model is available with either single or double door.     Tuttnauer's laboratory autoclaves are designed to meet BL3 and BL4 bio-safety levels. Furthermore, a Bio-Hazard system allows for an effluent decontamination cycle that sterilizes contaminated laboratory waste.

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5 years ago
Technical Manual
Does anyone know how to get the maintenance and service manual for these units?Reply


-Duraline Systems Inc.
10 years ago

Does anyone know the voltage requirments for the 5596 that has a steam generator? 

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[list]    Door Safety    [*] A safety device prevents the operator from opening the door when chamber is pressurized       [*] Steam is not allowed into the chamber when the door is open       [*] A cycle will not start if the door is open or not properly closed       [*] The door cannot open until chamber pressure reaches room pressure       [*] Sliding Door Safety -The sliding door progress will automatically stop if an obstruction is detected       [*] Double Door Safety – interlocks prevent both doors from being opened simultaneously     General Safety Features:    [*] Double Independent Monitoring: The combined digital and mechanical monitoring provides a cross reference and guarantees accurate results. The operator has two independent means to monitor temperature and pressure.       [*] Safety Valves: Both the chamber and the jacket are equipped with safety valves –if the pressure exceeds the allowed limit the safety valves will discharge.       [*] Built-in Steam Generator Safety: A water level monitoring system maintains a constant water level and ensures safe operation of the heaters.       [*] Emergency Shut-Off: Easily accessible emergency switches for immediate and safe shut down of the sterilizer.       [/list]


Tuttnauer - 4472

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Tuttnauer - 4496

Tuttnauer - 55120

Tuttnauer - 5596

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