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The Amsco Century Small Steam Sterilizers are designed for sterilization of heat and moisture-stable materials used in Healthcare facilities. Ease-of use, increased productivity, superior design and durability that have become the hallmarks of STERIS products will reduce down time, maximise sterilizer time, cut cost and save on resources.

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20 days ago
Sterilizer troubleshooting
Been doing service on sterilizers for 37 years but have finally run into a problem I cant figure out. About to lose my mind. Its basically a Steris 20x20 with vacuum pump as only unusual aspect. Gasket gradually pushes out 30 seconds after cycle complete/door open. 2 machines side by side doing same exact freakin thing. Ive replaced S35 multiple times. I can not detect any steam passing through to gasket channel. Ive replaced all check valves on bottom end. The entire bottom end plumbing schematic is ridiculous honestly. Steris has their proprietary manifolds and every other aspect of the design is based upon the these manifolds instead of common sense. Backwards logic. Anyway Ive rebuilt S35, S37, check valves 4,6,8,14 (gasket condensate exhaust). Ive increased the rate of condensate bleed to max thinking perhaps water in steam creating pressure behind gasket as it burns off. I have not replaced the gaskets primarily because if I detach the line from S35 it doesnt pop out. Theres one unusual aspect to the facility that could contribute. Steam lines, although new, constantly muck up steam strainers, screened traps, etc. Ive have to remove all the washers off of steam returns because there is back pressure which causes the thermo dynamic traps to lock up constantly. Hydraulic lock or similar. Their returns and supply lines are full of the crap. So its safe to say the steam is wet. $100 to first person that can accurate diagnose!! Montaquip@gmail.comReply


-Joe Velasquez
3 months ago
Door issue
After the cycle the door gets stuck against the seal. I need to pry it off.... any suggestions to possible issues with this problem?Reply


-Mike Brockhaus
5 years ago
service manual for a Model Chimeron

Looking for a service manual for a model Chimeron 20 inch sterilizer. Trying to compare parts for the rebuild kits for the steam manifold. I am wondering if the Century PM kit will work for this manifold as well. The Century part numbers do not match the Chimeron part numbers.

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  • Standard power vertical sliding door is activated by a convenient foot pedal, leaving your hands free to handle the load
  • Touchscreen-operated control system features large, easy to read displays with complete messages (no codes), help screens and programming prompts
  • Superior process control system provides continues cycle monitoring and service diagnostics to assure consistent cycle performance and predictable results
  • Verity of loading accessories available; TeflonĀ®-sleeved shelves slide in and out smoothly for fast loading and unloading, Loading car and Transfer carriage for the (8.8cu.ft.) 249lt capacity chambers


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