TRUMPF - TruLight 5000

TruLight 5000: The intelligent LED surgical light.

Our engineers and designers are dedicated to and motivated by their goal of recognizing requirements early on and finding innovative solutions. 
In addition to flexibility and energy efficiency, the new TruLight 5000 has improved lighting characteristics with an extremely high level of user comfort. This translates into a higher illumination level of 160,000 lux, innovative possibilities for the sterile control of lighting functions, and optimum light distribution, thanks to Adaptive Light Control Plus technology.

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-Randy Hunt
2 years ago
Purchasing new OR lights
Does any one have an opinion good or bad about repair history, reliability, longevity, etc for Nuvo Vista or Trumpf Trulight 5500 OR lights? I have a customer looking to purchase new OR lights and I'm just trying to steer them in the best directionReply


3 years ago
adjusting counterbalance on the 5500 ceiling mounted support arm
how do you adjust the counterbalance on the support arm for the 5500 surgical lightReply


Intelligence  Constant illumination: Thanks to Adaptive Light Control Plus technology, TruLight 5000 automatically ensures constant illumination at different working distances. 

User comfort  Intuitive operation: Sensors allow the user to adjust the lighting intensity with the sterile handle. 

Efficiency  High level of efficiency: The use and unique positioning of innovative LEDs within the light head ensure minimal heat build-up and a high light output. 

Environmentally friendly  Making a contribution: Powerful LEDs and a highly efficient lighting system minimize energy consumption. In addition, the use of toxic elements during the manufacturing process is eliminated. 

Flexibility  Can be used anywhere: The flat, compact light head enables the efficient use of space (critical in low ceiling height applications and hybrid rooms) and, thanks to an LAF-optimized design, ensures the highest level of hygiene during operation. 

Communication  More than just light: The integration of video systems for high-definition digital transmission provides an optimum communication platform.


TRUMPF - TruLight 5300

TRUMPF - TruLight 5500

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Exploring the latest trends in operating tables and lighting systems.

Exploring the latest trends in operating tables and lighting systems.

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