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Automated blood coagulation analyzer that is an easy-to-use system providing constantly reliable test results.

The medical equipment is an ideal choice for any hospital or laboratory that requires specialty testing capabilities in a cost-effective system.     ACL 7000 from Instrumentation Laboratory is used for the analysis of PT-Fib, APTT, TT, plasminogen, Fib-C, APCR-Leiden, AT-III, antiplasmin, APCR-V, factors high curve and heparin Xa. In addition, it offers an expanded testing capability for immunological testing such as D-Dimer. The system has the throughput capacity of 175 tests per hour for PT-Fib and 110 tests per hour for APTT.     

The powerful microprocessor in the ACL 7000 allows storage of up to 300 patients for 8 tests. Its QC module can store up to 10 controls for 10 tests. Its bidirectional interface permits you to download sample IDs, test requests and patient demographics. With automatic sample dilutions, the machine removes the variables of manual pipetting. Results can be reviewed either by cumulative statistics or Levey-Jennings charts.

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11 years ago
Need service manual

I am looking for a service manual for an Instumantation Laboratory ACL TOP 700 IVD instrument.




12 years ago
ACL 7000

Where can I find parts for my ACL 7000?



  • Autodilution 
  • Random programming
  • Optional external Data Management System (DMS) 
  • On-board barcode reader
  • Alphanumeric keypad 
  • Cumulative and sample reports can be generated using an optional external printer

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