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In addition to PureWave, its premium imaging and Doppler performance are possible because of its digital broadband beamformer and XRES technology, bringing a new level of clarity to compact echo. Users can easily perform advanced echo analysis with integrated QLAB and stress echo capability. The CX50 supports the S5-1 and X7-2t transducers for 2D transthoracic and transesophageal imaging. PureWave transducers provide the ability to image a wide range of patients with one transducer. Users can rely on exceptional tissue detail and clarity for their portable studies, including their technically difficult patients. PureWave is supported on the S5-1 and X7-2t sector transducers for 2D transthoracic and transesophageal imaging, and the C5-1 curved array for deep abdominal vascular exams. Advanced XRES is an adaptive processing available that eliminates virtually all speckle noise, improving image clarity and margin definition. XRES is supported on all imaging transducers. SonoCT imaging is supported on the L12-3 linear array and C5-1 PureWave curved array transducers for vascular studies. SonoCT compounds multiple angles, in real time, into one image with extraordinary clarity.

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a year ago
Service Manual
Service manual

Equipment: Philips CX 50



4 years ago
How do I find CX50 Windows OS Info
How do I find the Windows operating system info on this ultrasound? Our IT department wants to know the underlying operating system and the revision number.Reply


-New CX50 Philips Failed in 1 month
4 years ago
Diagnostic codes: 0022.ZG84EAF6.0 and 0022.L1C1FT15.0
Brand new (one month old) Philips CX50 suddenly failed badly during benign new study initial data entry page with above noted Diagnostic Codes. Please advise. Reply
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  • The CX50 control panel is designed for usability.
  • One-button controls like iSCAN allow fast optimization of system performance during 2D and Doppler examinations. Active native data gives users the ability to readjust virtually all scanning parameters during or after the exam, enhancing diagnostic details and shortening exam times.   
  • The CX50 supports adult stress echo protocols for a complete cardiac exam package.


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