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The HP 21381A (T6207) Ultrasound Probe

The Philips 21381A TEE probe is utilized for pediatric transesophageal applications.    It has a frequency range that operates between to 4-7 MHz and has been tested in a live ultrasound system. The HP 21381A (T6207) Ultrasound Probe is a Mini-Multi TEE Ultrasound Transducer.        Ultrasound System Compatibility: Sonos 5500

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[list]  Philips 21381A TEE Probe functionality  [*] Operating Frequency 4-7MHz  [*] 3D cardiac acquisition- Adult and Pediatric  [*] CW Doppler  [*] Color Doppler  [*] 2D imaging    Philips 21381A TEE Probe Common Errors  [*] CW noise  [*] Color noise and artifacts  [*] Articulation failure  [*] Fails leakage test  [*] Fluid intrusion  [*] Motor control failure  [/list]


Frequency Range4 to 7 MHz
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