Berchtold - OPERON D 760
by Berchtold


The D 760 Surgical Table Features: 

  1. Patient weight capacity of 1000 lbs. in normal orientation and 500 lbs in reverse orientation 
  2. Widest lateral imaging window in the industry of 18.3” 
  3. Intelligent diagnostics and integration capability 
  4. Integrated e-ray channel 
  5. Detachable leg section 
  6. Self-compensating foot locks ensure stability even on uneven floors 
  7. Intuitive hand control 

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-Wende Sitcer
3 months ago
Berchtold - OPERON D760 Service or Maintenance Manual
Hello, I am looking for the Berchtold D760 Service or Maintenance Manual, not an Operator's Manual. If you have a copy of this manual, please contact me as soon as possible on this thread. Thank you!Reply


BERCHTOLD Surgical Table D760


Patient Weight Capacity1000 lbs