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Aspire HD is the world's first digital mammography system to be equipped with Fujifilm's next generation direct-to-digital detector technology. The state-of-the-art direct-conversion flat-panel detector is comprised of a dual layer of a-Se and employs Direct Optical Switching technology instead of thin film transistors (TFTs) to directly capture the image signal more efficiently and with less noise. As a result, Direct Optical Switching combined with a pixel resolution size of 50µm achieves higher DQE compared to conventional design flat panels and CR or analog systems,.   
With the high X-ray absorption properties of amorphous selenium, the first layer efficiently captures X-rays and converts them to electrical charges, while the second layer stimulates the Direct Optical Switching Technology to capture image data at high-resolution and with low-noise.   
By delivering both 50µm fine pixel size among the highest resolutions for mammographic flat panel detectors) and with low noise, the Aspire HD system provides superb image quality that can enhance visualization of breast tissue and provide greater detail of abnormalities.

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12 years ago
Fuji Adds Full-Field Digital Mammography to DR

Fuji's Aspire HD is a Aspire HD is a digital radiography system with digital mammography capabilities.



12 years ago
Aspire HD available in United States - Derby: A Case Study

Fujifilm Medical's imaging technology Aspire HD has won FDA approval and is available in the United States 

This is a case study in Derby with insightful testimonials.

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Fuji Adds Full-Field Digital M...
Aspire HD available in United ...


  • Exceptional pixel pitch of 50µm, allowing for better viewing of fine detail and micro-calcifications   

  • Dual-layer amorphous-selenium, direct-to-digital detector provides high absorption efficiency and improved sharpness   

  • High DQE means optimal signal-to-noise ratio ideally suited for lose dose   

  • Exclusive new Fujifilm innovation: Direct Optical Switching improves reliability and extends system life   

  • System design incorporates precise positioning for technologists with improved comfort to the patient.


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