Beckman Coulter - AU480
by Beckman Coulter

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The AU480 is ideal as a primary chemistry analyzer for small- to medium-size hospitals and laboratories or as a dedicated specialty analyzer for larger institutions.

Automate and consolidate chemistry testing with Olympus’ 130 test menu including chemistry, urine chemistry, specific proteins, esoteric chemistries and tests for therapeutic drug monitoring, drugs-of-abuse, and thyroid function. With random access throughput of up to 400 photometric tests per hour (up to 800 with electrolytes), on-board menu of over 63 tests and user-definable sample handling options, the AU480e delivers efficiency for real world lab needs.

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8 years ago
reagent lot to lot

How do you do a reagent lot to lot comparison with current lot and new lot?



-ahmed toson
8 years ago
number of shots or tests done


please i want a step by step chart to know the no of tests done in a specified period of time , i have Beckman AU480 

thankss a lot



9 years ago
3669:rack ID barcode error



  • Intuitive graphical user interface 
  • Embedded maintenance videos 
  • Universal applications  
  • Plug and play calibration via 2-D barcode
  • Reagent reduction 
  • Low consumable usage 
  • Microsampling ideal for pediatrics
  • Positive sample identification  
  • Beckman Coulter flexible racks to handle all commonly used tube sizes in parallel
  • Barcoded racks to define different sample materials 
  • 80 samples on board at any time 
  • Automatic repeat and reflex capability
  • Dedicated STAT rotor with 22 positions and integrated barcode reader 
  • Full STAT capabilities during routine operation
  • Refrigerated area for calibrators and controls 
  • Combined routine and emergency work area
  • 76 refrigerated reagent compartments 
  • Ready to use liquid stable reagents
  • Automatic bottle switch capabilities
  • Advanced calibration 
  • Liquid detection and remaining test number calculation


Height1205 mm
Throughput400 samples/hr (800 with ISE)
Wavelength Range340 to 800 nm
Length 760 mm
Power Requirements100-240 VAC
Reaction Time8 min 37.5 sec
Sample TypesSerum, plasma, urine, other
Sample Volume1 to 25 µL
Width1450 mm

Additional Specifications

[list]    Reagent capacity: 76 positions for (R1+R2, detergent position). Holds 15, 30 and 60ml bottles    Reagent storage: Refrigerated (4 °C12 °C)    Total reaction volume: 90350 Μl         Reaction incubation: 37 °C, dry bath    [/list]

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