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Photometric Analyzer

Thermo Scientific* Arena 60 Photometric Analyzer is for higher throughput testing needs in wine, food and beverage, and in other industrial processes.  
The Thermo Scientific Arena 60 analyzer is a fully automated, random access photometric system for product analysis and quality control in wine, juice, food and beverage, and in other industrial processes. Applications cover methods for wine, juice, beer, milk, honey, potatoes and special food measurements. The Arena 60 is the latest and most sophisticated model in the Arena range of random access, fully automated photometric analyzers. Its advanced technology and new design offer efficiency and accuracy in analysis as well as convenience in use.

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  • Open system for various colorimetric and enzymatic applications  
  • Allows users to choose random access or batch analysis and the use of multiple chemistries  
  • Excellent automated pre and post dilution features  
  • Capacity of up to 600 tests/hour  
  • On-board capacity of 84 samples, 6 segments with 14 positions per segment  
  • Interface into the automated sample track system  
  • 39 fixed, cooled calibrator and control positions  
  • 45 reagent positions, automatic identification by integrated bar code reader  
  • 2100 reaction cell positions on-board  
  • Can easily set up own applications using several user definable parameters, one of which is a measurement temperature  
  • Selectable measurement temperature from 30 to 50°C, preset to 30, 37 and 50°C  
  • Measurement wavelengths range from 340 to 880nm  
  • Continuous access to samples, reagents and cuvets without interrupting the testing process facilitates laboratory workflow


Height120 cm
Length 82 cm
Power Requirements100-240 VAC
Weight375 kg
Width170 cm

Additional Specifications

Operating Principle:  
Fully open, random access photometric analyzer. Programmable tests up to 200.  
Samples are placed on sample disk in segments with 14 positions each. Max 6 segments on board. Interface into automated sample track. 39 fixed calibrator and control positions.  
Continuous loading 45 positions in the refrigerated reagent compartment.  
Discrete disposable multicell cuvet with 12 reaction measurement cells in a row. Continuous loading. On board capacity 2100 reaction positions.  
Automatic sample pre-dilution. Automatic sample dilution of overrange tests with automatic re-run.  
Quality Control:  
Real-time QC with multiple and variable rules. Programmable control interval. Daily and cumulative reports.  
Water Consumption:  
Distilled water consumption typically <2L/hr. Available on board.

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