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by Thermo Scientific

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A compact automated photometric system well suited for product analysis and quality control in food and beverage and in other industrial processes.

The Thermo Scientific Arena 20 photometric analyzer is a fully open, random access photometric analyzer used for product analysis and quality control in such industrial processes as wine, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, agricultural and chemical. It is a fully automated analyzer which helps laboratories to simplify their current processes. Simultaneous measurement of user-definable chemistries speeds up laboratory workloads. With no need for external water connections and drainage requirements, as well as a small footprint, the Arena 20 is easy to install.

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  • Capacity of up to 200 tests/hour    
  • On-board capacity of 84 samples, calibrators and controls, 6 segments with 14 positions per segment 
  • 35 reagent positions, ability for automatic identification by external bar code reader 
  • 600 reaction cell positions on-board    
  • Can dispense up to four reagents per test    
  • Unique low-volume 12-position multicell cuvet technology is cost-effective as the volume of reagent required is low    
  • Excellent pre and post dilution features further automate the analyzing process    
  • Use of disposable cuvets guarantees contamination-free and user-safe analysis    
  • Internal quality control system ensures accurate and precise results    
  • Graphical user interface is self-guiding, adaptable and clearly laid out    
  • Results are possible to export outside the system for further calculations and can be archived    
  • Connectable to information management systems    
  • Selectable measurement temperature from 30 to 50°C, preset to 30, 37 and 50°C


Height115 cm
Length 79 mm
Power Requirements100-240 VAC
Weight130 kg
Width80 cm

Additional Specifications

    Operating Principle:    
    Fully open, random access photometric analyzer. Programmable tests up to 200.    
    Samples are placed on sample disk in segments with 14 positions each. Max 6 segments on board.    
    Continuous loading 35 positions in the cooled reagent disk.    
    Discrete disposable multicell cuvet with 12 reaction measurement cells in a row. Continuous loading. On board capacity 600 reaction positions.    
    Automatic sample pre-dilution. Automatic sample dilution of overrange tests with automatic re-run.    
    Control Real-time QC with multiple and variable rules. Programmable control interval. Daily and cumulative reports.    
    Water Consumption:    
    Distilled water consumption typically <0.5L/hr. Available on board. 

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