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Diamond Prolyte Electrolyte Analyzer

The Diamond Diagnostics ProLyte® Electrolyte Analyzer is a completely automated system measuring Na+, K+, Li+ and Cl- in whole blood, serum, plasma and urine utilizing Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) technology. The Diamond ProLyte® was uniquely designed with the user in mind. With the 4” touch screen display or USB keyboard, easily navigate menus, search patient results, run on-screen diagnostics and access data remotely.

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-Eng. Haitham
a year ago
Service manual
Dear colleagues I have a defect with ISE electrolyte Analyzer Alfa Wassermann Starlyte V ... It shows error ''check electrodes'' any suggestions?! If you could send me service manual for this Analyzer that would be great to: hbajawi@yahoo.com Hope to hear from you soon. Many thanks Reply


6 years ago
new potassium electrode

We purchase new potassium electrode but when I test it the result of the sample of potassium all are asterisk. Why?



7 years ago
Costing per test

Dear Sir/Madam,

Good day to you! Can provide us the costing per test of Prolyte Electrolyte analyzer? Thank you very much and God bless!


Very Truly Yours,

Oliver F. Fonte



ProLyte® The Worlds Most Popular Electrolyte Analyzer


  • Analysis time - 45 seconds
  • Data Storage - 20,000+ patient results, 20,000+ QC Results per level
  • User Input - 4" touch screen, external keyboard, remote access
  • Connectivity - LAN, WiFi, 4 USB ports, RS232, LIS
  • Calibration - 2 point every 4 hours, on demand, 1 point every sample
  • Number of Parameters - Na+ K+ Cl- L+, 4 total/3 (simultaneously) 
  • Support - Online Service Interface
  • Sample Size - Whole blood, serum, plasma, QCs (95 µl), urine


Height16.5 cm
Length 8 cm
Weight10.5 lbs
Width9.5 cm
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