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The Model 4580 MICRO-PACE is a programmable, dual-chamber temporary cardiac pacemaker capable of multi-mode, multi-parameter operation.

The Model 4580 MICRO-PACE is capable of operating in all of the commonly accepted pacing modes from ventricular or atrial asynchronous VOO or AOO to AV Universal DDD. Every pacing parameter which may need to be adjusted to suit the needs of a specific patient, can be adjusted, not only over a broad range, but in increments, fine or coarse, which are more physiologically or diagnostically appropriate to that portion of the range of values. Programmable parameters, among others, include: rate, sensitivity, pulse amplitude, pulse width, refractory period(s), AV delay, maximum tracking rate, blanking period, and rapid stimulation. Additional standard pacing parameters are provided as non-programmable features.

The Model 4580 MICRO-PACE is an FDA PMA approved device that incorporates several features not commonly found in other temporary cardiac pacemakers. These include: 1) a constant voltage output, 2) a memory function to allow the storage and subsequent retrieval of previously programmed mode parameters, 3) the ability to employ the device as a rapid atrial stimulator from any programmed mode, 4) the limited use of parameter interlocks, low value parameter warnings and time-outs, and visual and audible cueing, all of which are intended to limit inadvertent programming errors, 5) a keypad "lock" to thwart tampering, 6) a design provision allowing MICRO-PACE to continue pacing during the time required to charge the batteries, 7) a means to temporarily suspend output to check on underlying rhythm, 8) a dual-chamber, non-competitive STAT PACE from any mode, 9) an enhanced atrial sensitivity adjustable to 0.2 millivolts, and 10) a "resume operation" function which allows prompt recovery of the last programmed mode and parameter settings after the device has been turned off and back on again.

The case of the Model 4580 MICRO-PACE is fabricated of durable ABS plastic. The sealed keypad is used to access and perform all functions of the pacemaker. The LCD display provides the means for verifying program settings and changes, and for conveniently monitoring operation while in use. Despite extensive programming capabilities in a Model 4580 MICRO-PACE, it is sufficiently small and light to be worn comfortably by an ambulatory patient. Arm strap made of elastic Velcro provide for convenient and secure attachment. The MICRO-PACE along with its straps, batteries, and cables is supplied in a sturdy plastic carrying case. When not in use, it is recommended that the MICRO-PACE always be stored in its carrying case to protect it from accidental damage. If a Model 4580 is dropped onto a hard surface, with or without obvious damage, use should be promptly suspended.
Finally, the Model 4580 MICRO-PACE is fully electrically isolated. The circuit is protected against damage due to normal cardioversion and defibrillatory discharges, and the risk of output inhibition caused by detection of environmental EMI is limited by special shielding and signal filtering. Pacemaker "runaway" is prevented by special rate limiting circuitry.

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  • Single and Dual Chamber Pacing– 11 Modes • Rapid Atrial Pacing– 60-800 ppm
  • Low Battery Indicator– LCD and Tone
  • Suspended Output and Resume Function
  • Auto setting of Atrial and Ventricular Refractory Period • Auto setting of AV, PV Delay and MTR 
  • Constant Voltage Output up to 14 volts
  • Redel Connectors– Quick Connection– ease of use
  • Ability to restore previous setting using Resume On key • Key Pad Locking Switch


Pacemaker TypeExternal Invasive
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